Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Review

Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Review

Regardless of whether you are a new cook or a veteran of many years. It is always fun to try something new in the kitchen. This can range from a minor change in your cooking habits to trying an entirely different cuisine. Regardless of your choice, you will find that changing things up regularly will make cooking much more exciting and less tedious.

There are many cooking implements and tools that you can use to make cooking more interesting. One of a unique options at your disposal is a spiralizer, also known as a spiral cutter. Spiralizers accomplish exactly what it sounds like; they cut food into spiral shapes of varying thickness for one of several reasons.

Sliced vegetables.


Many different kinds of spiralizers function in different ways. The most simple type consists of a handle with a glade similar to a peeler attached. You simply press your fruit or vegetable against the blade and twist it. This is more simple than the other options, but it takes more practice in terms of technique.

Other spiralizers consist of stationary blades with a food holder that both rotates and moves horizontally so that you may spiral cut your fruits or vegetables. These leave less room for error and can either be powered manually with a handle and gears or powered electrically.


One of the most important features in any product is reliability. You will always want to opt for a model of spiralizer that will last you a long time, as this will cause you less of a hassle further down the line. You will find that products lacking in reliability have to either be sent back to the manufacturer or in the worst case, repurchased.

Beyond the hassle of sending a product back for repairs, your wallet may also suffer when you purchase an unreliable product as the warranty may expire, necessitating the purchase of an entirely new product. This is a situation which can easily be avoided by spending slightly more money up front and opting for a better quality product.

Storage Size

Kitchens can be cluttered areas, and it helps to have appliances and cooking tools which can easily be stored. This makes it far easier to find what you need while you are cooking and it also allows you to organize your cupboards and drawers more easily.

 Folding Spiral Vegetable Slicer.


Improperly stored cooking implements can also result in inadvertent injuries due to blades or other sharp edges. It simply makes your life easier to have a well-organized kitchen, regardless of whether you are cooking, cleaning up or even looking for something.

The Product

Regardless of the method of operation, you prefer for your spiralizer; it is an excellent investment. When it comes to fruit and vegetable based dishes, a spiralizer can have a massive effect on the aesthetic value of your dish. Beyond that, a spiralizer can be used to make unique dishes like zucchini spaghetti.

Spiralizer Features

  • Features four types of blades (⅛ inch, ¼ inch, 3/32 inch and ribbon cut)
  • Spiralizer is made of heavy duty plastic free of BPAs
  • Features a base with strong suction
  • Features a compact folding design for better storage
  • Features a storage box for blades which are not in use
Countertop-Mounted Plastic Spiralizer



This spiralizer is made by Paderno World Cuisine, an Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer that has existed since 1925. This product rather effectively represents their long and experienced history. For example, this model comes with 4 separate blades for differing applications.

This spiral cutter also features a strong suction base to keep it in position during operation. When coupled with the folding design, you will find that this spiralizer is very user friendly while in use as well as in storage.


This is one of the better models of spiralizer that you will find available for purchase in its price range. Everything from the build quality and materials all the way down to details like the powerful suction cup base.

Our favorite part of this spiralizer by far is the inclusion of a storage box that makes it far easier to store the included blades, especially when compared to some of the competition. This makes it so that your blades will not rust, get lost or otherwise damaged, ensuring that your spiralizer stays in as good of a condition as the day you first bought it.

4 Different Blades Made of Stainless Steel


We were also impressed by just how smoothly the mechanism of this model functions. The handle turns as smoothly as any model of spiralizer we have tried in this style, so if the mechanism is one of your primary concerns, you can rest easy.

What Others Say

After looking through many customer reviews, we have found that the consensus is that this model of spiralizer is on the upper tier of available models. Regarding praise, most customers were happy with this model's blades, remarking that they remain sharp after longer periods of use.

Another positive is that suction base remains attached to most surfaces, sometimes even when they are wet. Regarding complaints, we noted that some customers were not impressed by the speed of this model. While we agree that it can be slow depending on what you are slicing, you will find that the speed is rather serviceable.

Buying Advice

This product can typically be found for about 40 dollars, which is a rather standard price for high-quality spiralizers such as this one. You can purchase this spiral cutter on Amazon or any other suitable online store that stocks kitchen supplies. We would say that this product is well worth the price.


The Paderno 4-blade spiralizer is an excellent model if you are looking for a good blend of versatility and convenience when it comes to storage.

The collapsible nature and included storage box go a long way towards making this a good choice for those strapped for room in their cupboards. If you have any questions regarding our review, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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