Vegetable And Fruit Peels That Are Healthy To Eat

Vegetable And Fruit Peels That Are Healthy To Eat

Many of us peel our favorite fruit or vegetable before eating it. However, stripping away this beneficial layer usually results in losing a handful of healthy nutrients.

Contrary to popular belief, peels are not waste and have some of nature's best antioxidants. The nutrient they possess may vary according to a specific fruit or vegetable, but generally, all these foods contain more abundant amounts of minerals, vitamins, and essential plant compounds compared to their peeled counterparts.

Cucumber being peeled.

Roughly all vegetable and fruit peels are abundant sources of insoluble fiber that prevents constipation. Whereas fruit peels such as apple peel contains pectin that regulates blood sugar and reduces bad cholesterol.

Here are a few vegetable and fruit peels that are healthy to eat.


Apple skin not only features rich vitamin content, but it also has a potent antioxidant known as quercetin. This compound takes care of respiratory trouble and supports a better lung function. If you are prone to symptoms of asthma, then put an end to irritants frequently disturbing your lungs, trust in the capabilities of the apple peel to ease your breathing. 

Quercetin also protects the memory and combats brain tissue damage for an improved concentration. Research also confirms the use of apple peels to prevent the onset of many types of cancers. When you eat an apple as a whole, it has a more beneficial effect on fighting cancer cells because of the anti-oxidants present in its skin.


Although some of us already know a few benefits of potato skin, only a few know that potato peel has nature's best nutrients. Consuming a fist-sized potato skin takes care of half of your daily recommended dose of potassium, iron, Vitamin C, and soluble fiber.

Some potatoes may contain more Vitamin C than oranges. That’s why you must consume potato skins in any way you like to benefit from its incredible nutrients.

Boil and mash with the skin or bake it to savor its rich taste. You can also slice it into wedges or add it to your salads to increase your iron and potassium intake. Potato peel is also rich in B vitamins and many antioxidants. But make sure you avoid eating a potato skin that has a greenish tinge.


One of the best things about pineapple is it contains bromelain which is an enzyme to reduce inflammation, particularly in the sinuses and the nose. According to a study, the peel and core of pineapple can deliver the highest amounts of bromelain in the fruit.

Removing pineapple peel.

Since the skin and base can be tough on the digestive system; the best way to consume a whole pineapple is to cut it in spiral form and sauté it for a few minutes or to put it through a juicer.


Did you that know that the kiwi's hairy skin has several anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory agents? Not only that, its peel has powerful antioxidants to combat cancerous cells in our body. 

The peel has more anti-oxidants than the fruit’s pulp and is also beneficial for warding off bugs such as E-coli and Staphylococcus that cause food poisoning.


Perhaps, the easiest of peels to ingest other than cucumber is that of carrot. The flesh and peel of a carrot have similar nutritional powers. But not many of us know that the highest concentration of phytonutrients in a carrot lies in its skin. Rinse it thoroughly and enjoy it in chunks or enjoy carrot spirals for a healthy snack.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus peels are for marmalades, pickles and citrus sugar. You can use many a large number of citrus peels to flavor drinking water and also reap incredible benefits thanks to many anti-oxidants.

Orange peel.

The peel of an orange has more Vitamin C than its pulp. In addition to that, orange peel also has potassium, calcium, Vitamin B6, and riboflavin. Its flavonoids are known as potential anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory attributes.

Since it is a little unusual to eat whole oranges, you can grate the peel or use a spiralizer to add orange peels to your salads and dressings. Some people like to have citrus shavings with deserts and ice creams.


Beets contain phytonutrients known as betalains; they have many other anti-oxidants. You can roast beets and consume them with a little salt and olive oil to reap its incredible benefits.


Not everyone is thrilled to eat this fruit with its peel, but researchers have sufficient evidence to believe that mango peel has capabilities much like resveratrol that aids in burning fat. It also combats the production of mature fat cells. Scientists tested mango pulp for the same results, and the flesh did not prove as beneficial as its skin. 

The peel also contains higher amounts of omega 3 and 6 with polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids. According to another research, the compounds have compounds that ward off different types of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. It also has quercetin that offers a multitude of benefits.

Some people can eat a raw mango whereas others may want to pickle it for eating it as a whole.


One of the many vegetables to offer several anti-oxidants, the eggplant is rich in flavonoids. The peel of purple eggplants features a robust antioxidant nasunin along with other essential nutrients. 


Low in calories but high in nutrition, cucumber peels are rich in potassium, Vitamin K and many types of anti-oxidants. Cucumber peel ranks as one of the best sources of dietary fiber to alleviate constipation.  It is also believed to offer reliable protection against colon cancer.

Peeling a cucumber.

Final Thoughts

Eating unpeeled vegetables and fruits may be a treat for your taste buds but offer limited nutrients. Once you get familiar with the incredible benefits of consuming these foods without peeling, you can develop a stronger barrier against significant disease.

Say goodbye to your peeler and enter a whole new world of unpeeled fruits and vegetables to benefit from nature's best resources. Herbs and fruit peels are natural ways to boost your immunity and boost your vitamin and mineral intake.

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