A Guide To Finding The Best Vegetable Spiralizer Possible

A Guide To Finding The Best Vegetable Spiralizer Possible

Whether you are tired of the same old recipes or if you would like to make healthy cooking a more interesting experience, you will find that the best vegetable spiralizer could greatly help you out.

Before we talk about what goes into the best vegetable spiralizer regarding features and characteristics, we will go over exactly what a vegetable spiralizer is. A vegetable spiralizer may also be referred to as a spiral cutter or simply a spiralizer. The term describes a group of kitchen appliances that share the same function yet operate in different ways.

Vegetable spiralizers are used to accomplish exactly what one would guess they do by hearing their name. They cut fruits or vegetables into spirals so that they can be used to more easily garnish your meals or for certain recipes that would be impossible without them.

Horizontal Vegetable Spiralizers

With proper technique and enough patience, you could certainly cut fruits and vegetables into spirals with a knife, but this is highly time-consuming and usually not worth the effort. This is the case when you are trying to spiral cut a large number of vegetables especially.

The recipes which you could make with a spiralizer include certain salads as well as zucchini pasta, a healthier alternative to the typical grain-based Italian dish. Even if you do not need a spiralizer for these reasons, spiral cutters also tend to help make vegetables fun for children who are picky eaters.

There are many types of spiralizer available, and we will go over them later on in the article. There is no single best vegetable spiralizer type, as it usually depends on the user's preference. We will now move on to the reasons why it is important to find a spiralizer of good quality.

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Why You Should Choose Your Vegetable Spiralizer Carefully

As with any other type of product which will be used in food preparation or the kitchen, you should pay a good deal of attention to the product and its reviews. Unlike many other types of products, you will find that those which are used in the kitchen can make you sick if they are made of poor materials.

For example, plastic containing BPAs can leak into your food, causing negative side effects and a higher chance of disease in the long term. Ensuring that you are in good health should be your foremost concern, beyond all other aspects. Shaving a few dollars off the price can not make up for permanent health damage.

Original Zoodle Zucchini Veggie Spaghetti Pasta Noodle Maker

Beyond ensuring that you are in good health, it is also important to take care when selecting your spiral slicer if you do not wish to waste time and money purchasing new products. A spiralizer which is built to high-quality standards will typically last you far longer than one which is built in a cheap fashion.

This does not mean that an expensive vegetable spiralizer will be better than a cheaper model in all cases, however. 

What To Pay Attention To When Buying A Vegetable Spiralizer

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a product which is cheaply priced and a product which is cheaply built. The objective is to find the best-rated vegetable spiralizer at the lowest given price point.

Vegetable Spiralizer Types

There are many types of spiralizer which accomplish the same end goal but do it in different ways. For this section, we will give a short overview of each of them.

Handheld Vegetable Spiralizers

Handheld models are the most simple vegetable spiralizers you can find in terms of construction and design. They are typically designed as a blade with a holder, similar to a peeler into which you push and twist your vegetable to get it to come out as a spiral. They are reliable, yet simplistic.

Manual Or Handheld Vegetable Spiralizers

Vertical Vegetable Spiralizers

Vertical vegetable spiralizers are made so that you place a fruit or vegetable in a holder and then turn a handle so that it is simultaneously pushed and rotated into the blade. They are so named because the vegetable is usually positioned vertically, with the blade positioned on the bottom of the appliance so that gravity can aid the cutting process.

Horizontal Vegetable Spiralizers

Horizontal models are often roughly similar to vertical models in that they make use of a vegetable holder combined with a gear and handle system to make the process easier. The difference lays in their positioning, with horizontal models relying on either heavy weight or suction cups to keep them properly positioned while in use.

Electric Vegetable Spiralizers

Spiralizer models which function using electricity are the most convenient to use, but they are also higher priced than the other options that we have gone over. If you are looking for the best professional vegetable spiralizer, a lot of the options available are electric spiral cutters, since you can process a far larger number of fruits and vegetables.

Noodle Container

An aspect which greatly helps user accessibility but is unfortunately rather uncommon in all save the more expensive models of spiral cutter is the inclusion of a container for your spirals. Most spiralizers are made with at least some room for a bowl to be placed so that they can catch the cut vegetables once they come out of the appliance.

Noodle Container.

In the case of spiralizers which include a noodle container, there is an integrated bowl which fits into the area where the spirals are deposited. Unlike bowls, they are meant to fit ideally and not let any of your cut spirals fall onto the floor or your counter.

While a noodle container isn't the most important feature to search for in the best vegetable noodle spiralizer, it certainly helps make the spiralizing process a lot more simple. You also don't have to make use of a separate bowl, which goes towards making your spiralizer that much more self-contained.

Ease Of Use

The inclusion of a noodle container brings us to our next point, which is ease of use. You always want to search for a product which is easy to use, regardless of what you are purchasing. Even if you have been using spiralizers from quite some time, you will still want to search for one which is easy to use.

Think about it, a product which is easy to use, regardless of purpose or complexity of the operation, will be a product which you are willing to return to. On the other hand, a product which requires a great deal of complex effort to be put into its operation will be more likely to discourage you from making use of it.

If you would like to get as much use as possible out of your future purchase, do your best to ensure that it is simple and easy to use. This also applies to the assembly process, as nobody wants to enlist the help of six friends to assemble an appliance that they have just purchased online.

Ease Of Cleaning

Another aspect which is important to search for in a top rated vegetable spiralizer is an easy cleanup process. A vegetable spiralizer which is easier to clean will, more often than not, be a spiralizer which you use more often, as you will not dread the inevitable cleanup process once you have finished your food preparation.

Ease Of Cleaning.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

Another important consideration to make when purchasing a spiralizer is whether or not it is dishwasher safe. Most spiralizers which do not function with electricity will be dishwasher safe, but it helps to make sure that they are by checking their included instructions or by contacting the manufacturer.

It always helps to ensure that your spiralizer is dishwasher safe before putting it in the dishwasher as it may be permanently damaged and the warranty may be voided in certain cases. Before your purchase your product, take some extra time to ensure that it is compatible with dishwashers if you do not wish to hand wash it.

Interchangeable Blades And Versatility

The aspect of versatility comes up a lot when discussing the best vegetable spiralizer. This is because a spiralizer is a product which is ripe for improvement in terms of versatility. This is at least the case with vegetable spiralizers that include replaceable blades, which is most besides the basic handheld models.

These interchangeable blades can have a variety of purposes, the most common ones simply change the size of your spirals, whereas others can have more specialized functions. This includes peeling fruits and vegetables, which is an integral process before you spiralize certain vegetables.

Our Recommendations

Although there are many options to choose from when purchasing a vegetable spiralizer, we have a few top picks based reviews, specs, quality, and price.

Kitchenaid KSM1APC Spiralizer

This spiralizer is manufactured by KitchenAid, the well-known maker of stand mixers and other high-quality kitchen appliances.

Features Of The Spiralizer

  • Compatible with all types of KitchenAid stand mixers
  • Capable of spiralizing, slicing, peeling and coring
  • Includes a storage box for added convenience
  • Safe for dishwasher cleaning
  • Comes included with a 1 year warranty, hassle free
KitchenAid KSM1APC Spiralizer Attachment with Peel, Core & Slice

Source: bedbathandbeyond.com

Our Rating


As you may have expected, this model is not a standalone spiralizer, but rather an attachment for the ubiquitous KitchenAid stand mixer.

This, of course, means that you will need to own at least one of the stand mixers featuring a powered hub attachment point if you wish to make use of this spiralizer. It is an excellent choice for those who already own a stand mixer and do not wish to pay the full price of an individual electric vegetable spiralizer.

This is certainly the best electric vegetable spiralizer that we have seen in terms of build quality. It helps that it does not include an unreliable electrical motor, which tends to be the first part to fail in other models which function electrically. Not all electric motors are unreliable, but they tend to be more complex than other components, so they are more likely to fail.

spiralizer is manufactured by KitchenAid

We also loved the inclusion of the additional attachments which greatly increase the amount of versatility you can get out of this attachment. With the inclusion of the peeler attachment, you no longer have to manually peel your vegetables before you use them with your vegetable spiralizer.

Another attachment that impressed us was the corer if you are sick of having to core fruits yourself, simply use this tool to make the process much easier than you ever imagined. This is a great choice of electric spiralizer, especially if you already own a KitchenAid.

Kitchen Savoirs Spiral Slicer Bundle

This product from Kitchen Saviors is not only a spiral slicer but also a bundle containing a few other products that you may need in order to use your slicer. For example, it comes included with a storage bag for your spiral slicer, a peeler for use before your spiral slicer and a cleaning brush which is used to clean the slicer itself once you are done.

Features Of The Spiralizer

  • Features BPA free plastic construction with stainless steel
  • Bundles also includes a bag, peeler and a cleaning brush
  • Product comes with a free ebook containing recipes
  • Includes a toothed cap to be used when vegetables get too short
  • Japanese style blades improve the slicing capabilities
  • Design reduces chance of clogging or jamming
Spiral Slicer Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle

Source: kitchensaviors.com

Our Rating


This spiral slicer is designed in the handheld or manual style, which makes for a simplistic manner of operation and a lower price than many of the competing products. If you are looking for a vegetable spiralizer on a budget, you will find that this is one of the best products you have available for purchase.

The cap of this vegetable spiralizer features teeth in order to be used as a holder for your fruit or vegetable once it becomes too small to slice with your fingers safely. This cap feels like it could be made of better quality plastic, but this is a minor complaint as the slicer itself is made of excellent materials.

Spiral Slicer

Source: kitchensaviors.com

The included Japanese style blades remained sharp after we tried a wide number of different fruits and vegetables over an extended period of time. We were also highly impressed by the lack of blockages and jams, as we very rarely had difficulty slicing most of the food that we tried with this model. We would argue that this is the best compact vegetable spiralizer you can find.

OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Spiralizer

The Good Grips 3-blade spiralizer is manufactured by OXO, a company based in New York specializing in both kitchen and office supplies.

Features Of The Spiralizer

  • Comes included with three different cutting blades (⅛ inch, ¼ inch, and ribbon)
  • Comes included with a blade box so you can keep your blades undamaged
  • Toothed food holder ensures that your fruit or vegetable remains in place
  • Bottom mounted suction cup keeps spiralizer in place while in use
OXO Good Grips

Source: bedbathandbeyond.com

Our Rating


This spiralizer is an excellent choice for customers who would prefer a more versatile type of product for their money. While this model remains reasonably priced, it offers quite a few features that would surprise you.

As with many other models of horizontal spiralizer, it features a toothed vegetable holder so that there are no issues with slipping while you use it. Another measure that is used to reduce slipping of a different kind is the inclusion of a strong suction cup on the underside, another fairly standard feature on horizontal spiralizers.

OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Spiralizer with StrongHold Suction

Source: bedbathandbeyond.com

One of the more impressive aspects of the suction system is that there is a lever to break the seal with the surface so that you may easily move this product once you are done with it. This may seem like a minor improvement, but it helps quite a bit for those of us who have previously had to deal with a spiralizer stuck on the countertop.

The inclusion of different sized cutting blades improves versatility to a decent extent whereas the included storage box gives you a place to put them when they aren't in use. We were rather impressed by this model of spiralizer due to the excellent combination of user friendliness and efficiency.

Paderno World Cuisine Folding Spiralizer

This spiralizer is manufactured by Paderno World Cuisine, an Italian company with American branches. This product seems to incorporate the Italian love for fine cuisine into its design, being one of the better types of spiralizer that we have had the pleasure of reviewing. This is due to several reasons, all of which we will cover.

Features Of The Spriralizer

  • Comes included with four different blade types (⅛ inch, ¼ inch, 3/32 inch, and ribbon)
  • Made from heavy duty materials including BPA free plastic
  • Features a powerful suction base for improved grip when in use
  • Folding design allows for better storage in cupboards or drawers
  • Includes a storage box for additional blades which are not being used
Countertop-Mounted Plastic Spiralizer

Source: padernousa.com

Our Rating


The wider variety of included blades, when compared to competing models, is one of our favorite parts of this spiralizer. Where some of the competing types feature a single blade type, this model features four separate options. Three of these options are varying degrees of thickness while the last one is a slicer or ribbon cutter.

The materials used in the construction of this model are particularly impressive with a combination of stainless steel and heavy duty plastic making up this spiralizer. The inclusion of BPA free plastic ensures that this model is as healthy as the next.

Folding Spiral Vegetable Slicer.

Source: padernousa.com

One of our favorite features of this model is the ease of storage. This is the best vegetable spiralizer for customers who have cluttered kitchens or find themselves at a loss for cupboard space. Since this model folds down once you are done using it, you will save a good deal of space storing it.

The inclusion of a storage box is another aspect that shows how much effort was put into designing this spiralizer for those with small kitchens and cupboards. It is certainly an excellent choice of spiralizer, even if you aren't strapped for space in your kitchen.

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Features Of The Spiralizer

  • Manufactured with high carbon stainless steel blade of Cutler quality
  • Manufactured using Ultra reinforced BPA free plastics
  • Comes with five different blades of different types and sizes including a slicer
  • Product is entirely dishwasher safe for easier cleaning
  • Blades are made in Japanese style
  • Product features a lifetime warranty
Vegetable Sprial Slicer

Source: urbanvegan.net

Our Rating


The Spiralizer 5-Blade vegetable spiralizer is made by the eponymous company. As you would expect from a company named after the very product they sell, this spiralizer is an excellent product in terms of quality and value for money. It is also highly versatile thanks to the inclusion of five different blades, including one which is made exclusively for slicing.

This product is made to be one of the more durable types of spiralizer you will find available. You may be wondering why you need a vegetable spiralizer which is as durable as possible.

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Source: urbanvegan.net

You would be surprised by the rigors that a spiralizer must endure while it is being used, especially if you are trying to spiralize something harder. The handle has been a weak point on several models of spiralizer for quite some time, but this model addressed that issue by using reinforced BPA free plastic.

The inclusion of a lifetime warranty demonstrates exactly how much faith the manufacturers have in this model. In terms of longevity, you will have a hard time finding a better model of spiralizer. This product is, in essence, a vegetable spiralizer which is meant to be as durable as possible without sacrificing performance in other areas as well as versatility.


As you can see, there are a wide variety of models to choose from when it comes to selecting the best vegetable spiralizer available.

This choice does not have to a complicated one. With the help of our reviews, you should have the confidence to select a model which will work best for you and your specific culinary needs. If there are any questions, as always, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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